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What started in 2014 as a freelance project, is now responsible for building and supporting over 200 Web projects, starting from the wireframe, all the way to the management and hosting.

We at chob.pt are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of what a website can do. Everything is possible, with enough time and coffee.

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Have Dokan Creating Variable Products from Lumise’s Launcher

I’m documenting the process as I’m discovering things. For context, I pretty much created a function that creates a Lumise Product Base on Lumise when a Variable Product is created  using the Printful Lumise add-on when following this tutorial: Here’s the code bit (add this to the functions.php on your theme folder): function convertProductToLumiseProductBase($prod){ global $wpdb; $product = wc_get_product($prod); //var_dump($product);

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Add/Unlock Missing Printful Products to Lumise

I’ve had a Client that wanted X products added to their store. They are using Lumise and I noticed that some more recent products did not show up when creating a variable product. This seems to be a bug on the extension: Open /wp-content/uploads/lumise_data/addons/printful/assets/js/script.js On Line 50, you’ll find if(value.image == null){ Remove or Comment out the line below, which

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